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05/23/2022 05:14 PM
He's part of a group of veterans who enlisted to help the Ukrainian cause. He says they spent four days trapped, often just 50 meters from Russian troops.
Kevin, a stocky American in his early 30s, climbs over the charred rubble of a former sauna and shines the light from his iPhone through the dust.

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Russian diplomat resigns in protest

05/23/2022 06:42 PM
Theft: Satellite images appear to show Russian ships loading up with Ukrainian grain in Crimea
Russia's theft of Ukrainian grain appears to be ramping up as it continues its war on the country, according to new satellite photos of the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

05/23/2022 04:26 PM
Embassy protection: US weighs sending special ops forces
The Biden administration is in the early stages of discussions about sending special operations forces into Ukraine to help guard the US Embassy in Kyiv, several US officials tell CNN.

05/22/2022 08:19 PM
Exclusive: Trevor Reed recounts his detention in Russia
Trevor Reed, an American citizen recently freed after more than two years imprisoned in Russia, said in an exclusive interview with CNN that he does not believe the United States' participation in prisoner swaps to bring Americans home should be controversial.

05/22/2022 06:45 AM
Watch: Satellite image leads to horrifying conclusion
The US company Planet is taking revealing satellite images of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. CNN's Gary Tuchman reports.

05/16/2022 07:26 AM
Opinion: Why Putin puts his neighbor Georgia on edge
Upon arriving in Tbilisi, Georgia's capital, for the first time since the pandemic began, I dropped my bag off at my Airbnb, strolled out and noticed the words "F**k Putin" graffitied in English on my building. A few meters away, a similar sentiment was scrawled in Russian and not far from that, my friend pointed to the same phrase painted on the wall in Georgia's distinctive alphabet.

05/23/2022 01:22 AM
Exclusive: Officer reveals why he risked it all to quit Putin's war
It took a few weeks of sleeping on crates of grenades for a bed and hiding his face from Ukrainians amid a growing sense of guilt, for the Russian junior officer to come to his conclusion: This wasn't his battle to fight.

05/23/2022 03:18 PM
China issues warning after Biden says US would respond militarily to an attack on Taiwan
• Analysis: Biden's new stance of strategic confusion on Taiwan • Analysis: China once dismissed the Quad. Now it's alarmed.

05/23/2022 04:17 PM
A Texas woman is wanted for the killing of an elite cyclist who had a relationship with her boyfriend, authorities say
• What we know about Moriah Wilson, the 25-year-old elite cyclist killed before a major race

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
House Ethics Committee launches investigation into Madison Cawthorn
The House Committee on Ethics is launching an investigation into GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina to determine whether he was involved in financial improprieties or had an improper relationship with an individual on his staff, the committee announced Monday.

05/23/2022 04:09 PM
Stocks surge thanks to big rally for JPMorgan Chase and other banks
• Before Omicron, inflation and war, Americans' finances hit new highs, survey shows • Charts explain why investors shouldn't panic • Billionaires have seen their net worth soar as millions are pushed into extreme poverty

05/23/2022 04:37 PM
Jan. 6 felony defendant denied request to visit company's 'boondoggle' in Cabo
Jason Douglas Owens, charged with assaulting a police officer at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, wanted to go on his company's getaway trip to Mexico next month.

05/23/2022 02:59 PM
It's the United States' party. But Mexico wants a say on the guest list
A growing number of countries are threatening to snub the US-hosted Summit of the Americas next month, amid controversy over its guest list.

05/23/2022 09:55 AM
Stacey Abrams makes eyebrow-raising comment ahead of Georgia primary
Republicans are criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Georgia Stacey Abrams after she skewered the Republican talking point that Georgia is the "best state in the country to do business" when it is, according to her, the "worst state in the country to live."

05/23/2022 05:52 PM
CA governor pleads for more water conservation, warns of mandatory statewide restrictions
As California stretches into its third year of drought, Gov. Gavin Newsom is warning local officials that more needs to be done to save water, and to make sure all residents realize how urgent the crisis is.

05/23/2022 03:44 PM
US in process of releasing monkeypox vaccine from national stockpile for 'high-risk' people, CDC says
The United States is responding to a request for the release of monkeypox vaccine from the nation's Strategic National Stockpile as a global outbreak of cases is under investigation.

05/22/2022 07:09 PM
Opinion: Pete Davidson's 'SNL' signoff calls out this raging hypocrisy
This weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live" marked not only the season finale, but also the end for a few cast members of the iconic comedy show, including Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant and Pete Davidson.

05/23/2022 08:49 AM
WaPo reporter: Ginni Thomas key in strategy to overturn Biden's win
The Washington Post reporter Emma Brown talks to CNN's John Berman and Brianna Keilar about Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and her efforts to pressure some state lawmakers to overturn Joe Biden's 2020 presidential win.

05/23/2022 02:14 PM
DC attorney general sues Mark Zuckerberg
Washington, DC, Attorney General Karl Racine sued Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, accusing the Facebook co-founder of misleading the public on the company's handling of privacy and personal data in connection with the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

05/23/2022 11:10 AM
Analysis: Don't believe Trump's Twitter vow
Donald Trump made a promise on Monday.

05/23/2022 03:56 PM
Concertgoers in Russia chant "F**k the war!"
Audience members at a Кис-Киc (Kis-Kis) concert in St. Petersburg, Russia, were seen chanting "F**k the war!" according to a video shared online, which was verified by CNN.

05/23/2022 10:37 AM
Why Iranians are taking to the streets again
The Iranian government mobilized tens of thousands of supporters on Friday in a domestic show of force after weeks of price protests turned violent, leading to nationwide arrests and injuries.

05/23/2022 11:26 AM
Exclusive: Arby's sells fast-food staple for first time
Typically there's nothing groundbreaking about a fast-food chain selling a hamburger. But Arby's has never sold one — until now.

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Departing 'SNL' cast members' signature moments
"Saturday Night Live" bid farewell to Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney on Saturday.

05/23/2022 05:51 PM
Hubble identifies unusual wrinkle in expansion rate of the universe
Measuring the expansion rate of the universe was one of the Hubble Space Telescope's main goals when it was launched in 1990.

05/23/2022 02:59 PM
Expert witness disputes cause of Johnny Depp's severed finger
CNN's Jean Casarez gives an update on the ongoing trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, including orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Moore's testimony disputing Depp's claims about his finger injury.

05/23/2022 06:01 PM
Kate Moss expected to be called by Depp's legal team as a witness
Kate Moss, who dated Johnny Depp in the 1990s, is expected to be called to testify as a rebuttal witness by his legal team in the ongoing trial between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, a source close to Depp tells CNN.

05/23/2022 02:31 PM
Opinion: One of the first Black master sommeliers is on a mission
Carlton McCoy isn't from a family of wine lovers.

05/22/2022 09:02 AM
'Heart-stopping': Anchor reacts to rescue of man clinging to edge of cliff
A helicopter paremedic rescued a man stuck on a 500-foot cliff in California.

05/23/2022 04:47 PM
Memorial Day weekend calls for triple digit temperatures and storms for some
Leading up to the holiday weekend, there will be some dire weather hitting portions of the US, including more critical fire conditions and an abundance of tropical moisture; a sure sign summer is upon us.

05/23/2022 01:31 PM
'American Idol' crowns a winner
"American Idol" picked a winner on Sunday during a three-hour finale.

05/23/2022 05:17 AM
Hugs help women face stress, study says. Men, you are out of luck
You have a big test, a difficult conversation or a stressful day ahead -- how much of a difference could a hug from your partner make on your state of mind?

05/23/2022 03:37 PM
World's fastest passenger jet goes supersonic
The race to resume supersonic passenger flights decades after the retirement of Concorde was offered a glimmer of excitement on Monday when plane manufacturer Bombardier revealed high speed achievements while confirming the launch of its new business jet.

05/23/2022 05:24 PM
Here's what happened during Boeing's 'nail-biting' spacecraft docking
Boeing managed to dock a spacecraft at the International Space Station late last week, but it was not without several minor hangups.

05/23/2022 06:34 PM
How are gas prices affecting your summer travel plans? Share your story
It's set to be a very hot summer for travel.

05/23/2022 05:58 AM
How a TV show transformed the cruise industry
From steam-powered ships, to mega-liners, the cruise industry has been through quite a transformation over the years. And the market has skyrocketed.

05/21/2022 03:05 AM
Fried foods and 'revenge travel': Indulgence is back
This week in travel: an upside-down train, the meaning of "revenge travel" and the world's greatest fried foods.

05/16/2022 10:22 AM
One of the world's most romantic restaurants is in ... South Carolina?
For your next trip consider Greenville, South Carolina, an overlooked gem of the south and home to Passerelle Bistro, one of the most romantic restaurants in the world.

05/23/2022 05:02 PM
What's on the menu in London
Stanley Tucci's search for Italy led him somewhere unexpected. A place that has more Italians than Bologna or Pisa, and the ancient Romans called it their last frontier.

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Podcast: 'You are pro-birth, you are not pro-life,' Rep Jackie Speier on the debate over Roe v. Wade

05/23/2022 06:34 PM
What David Perdue's total failure would teach us
If the polls are to be believed, former Georgia Sen. David Perdue is headed toward a crushing primary defeat Tuesday in his challenge to GOP Gov. Brian Kemp.

05/23/2022 04:21 PM
Texas showdown is clearest test of whether SCOTUS draft opinion will motivate voters
Rep. Henry Cuellar, the long-time Laredo congressman backed by House leaders despite his status as the last Democratic opponent of abortion rights in the House, faces progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros for the third time Tuesday in a primary runoff in South Texas.

05/23/2022 01:44 PM
How redistricting could shift voting power in 5 states
Every 10 years, states redraw the boundaries of their congressional districts to reflect new population counts from the census. Explore CNN's interactive analysis of how redistricting efforts in the following states -- where voters head to the polls May 24 -- will shift voting power for the next decade:

05/22/2022 09:17 PM
Madison Cawthorn makes 'bizarre' vow on social media
CNN's Margaret Hoover, John Avlon and Jim Acosta explain what Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn's loss in the GOP primaries could mean for the future of the party.

05/23/2022 01:36 PM
Scientists have unlocked the vitamin D potential of tomatoes, study says
Fish and dairy products are the best dietary sources of vitamin D, which can make it a struggle for those on a plant-based diet to get enough of the essential micronutrient. Vitamin D helps protect our bones and keep muscles and teeth healthy.

05/23/2022 07:02 AM
Princess Diana's 'priceless' wedding tiara exhibited for the first time in decades
Over the centuries, the tiara, something of a little sister to the omnipotent symbol of the crown, has come to represent more than just a membership to the monarchy. Closely connected to the romantic idea of a princess, it's a cultural shorthand for youth and femininity -- as well as status. From the plastic Cinderella tiaras worn by the millions of children that visit Disney theme parks each year, to the most recent Met Gala -- where multiple celebrities, including Blake Lively and even Anna Wintour herself, wore jewel-encrusted versions -- the ancient accessory continues to be relevant today.

05/23/2022 03:47 AM
Surreal photos show cosplay culture in a new light
In Thurstan Redding's photography series "Kids of Cosplay," the mundane and the fantastical collide in unexpected ways. Spiderman stares pensively into the middle distance as he grabs milk from a fridge. A group of Batmen cavort outside a small brick bungalow. X-men's Mystique lays across the street beneath an orange sky, cigarette in hand.

05/20/2022 08:53 AM
'Oh my god! It's amazing': Tucci's wife is stunned by this pasta dish
While in London, Chef Gennaro Contaldo and Stanley Tucci cooked up tagliolini with Amalfi lemon and London rocket. Don't miss "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy" this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

05/23/2022 11:47 AM
T-Mobile and AT&T are Wall Street bright spots, but Verizon is struggling
Inflation concerns have made it a brutal year for stocks, but wireless service is one area where prices aren't rising much — and the sector has been a bright spot on Wall Street.

05/23/2022 02:08 PM
Davos: Central bankers say cryptos aren't real currencies
Stablecoins are unstable. Cryptocurrencies don't act like currency. Does digital money ever stand a chance of winning the establishment's embrace?

05/23/2022 10:53 AM
Goldman Sachs CEO calls subway shooting of employee a 'senseless tragedy'
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said he's "devastated" about the shooting Sunday on a New York City subway train that left one of his employees dead.

05/20/2022 12:57 PM
Prices are rising. How much should your salary increase?
When it comes to salary negotiations, job candidates have a lot of leverage these days.

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
150+ best Memorial Day sales of 2022: All the deals to shop now

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Celebrity facialist Shani Darden shares her 7 favorite skin care products

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Chewy's Memorial Day Sale features everything your pet loves at up to 30% off

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Get the Blue Yeti for just $79.99 at Amazon right now

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
The 9 products you need to fly more comfortably, according to airline crew

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Is the Oculus Quest 2 worth it? Here's what we think after a year of testing

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Experts say you should carry these 22 essentials on every road trip

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
How to clean outdoor furniture, according to experts

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
35 graduation gifts they'll actually use

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
We tried the $30 Amazon nightgown dress everyone loves — and this is what we thought

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Run — don't walk — to get a pair of Allbirds' new performance sneakers

05/23/2022 07:13 PM
Enter to win 2 Away carry-on suitcases in the May Underscored Faves Sweepstakes

05/22/2022 01:34 PM
What a Nobel laureate's take on Trump reveals
Shortly after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Nobel laureate Toni Morrison wrote in The New Yorker: "Unlike any nation in Europe, the United States holds whiteness as the unifying force. Here, for many people, the definition of 'Americanness' is color." Reflecting on efforts -- largely by White men -- to define themselves by sustaining that poisonous definition, Morrison argues that those "who are prepared to abandon their humanity out of fear of black men and women, suggest the true horror of lost status."

05/23/2022 07:03 AM
What the brewing interstate travel wars over abortion portend
The Supreme Court seems ready to undo Roe v. Wade, the landmark case recognizing the right to choose abortion, in a matter of weeks, and blue as well as red states are already preparing for what might be coming next: a conflict between states seeking to facilitate out-of-state travel for abortion and those trying to shut it down.

05/21/2022 09:33 PM
Pennsylvania has a primary problem
Pennsylvania, one of the nation's political bellwethers, is working to wrap up a chaotic and acrimonious primary season.

05/19/2022 11:18 PM
US leadership is thriving abroad. It's different at home
The United States has performed impressively in its efforts to counter Russia's brutal aggression against Ukraine. The combination of Russian leader Vladimir Putin's miscalculation, Ukraine's bravery and Washington's effective global leadership is reshaping the geopolitical landscape in a way that favors democracy, strengthens a NATO alliance that is now attracting new members and restores America's place as the leader of the world's democracies.