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10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Social media images show Kyiv's troops in the strategic eastern region for the first time since Russia's invasion began in March

10/05/2022 10:56 AM
Pro-Putin voices paint a grim picture of setbacks
Russian forces appear to be buckling under growing pressure as Ukraine continues to regain territory in the south, where Russian soldiers have been forced to retreat from previously-held settlements as Kyiv progresses with its counteroffensive towards the Russian-occupied city of Kherson.
10/06/2022 01:26 PM
In rare state TV admission, Russian war correspondent acknowledges Kherson losses

10/04/2022 10:10 PM
Opinion: 'Genius dictator' no more
On Sunday, almost by accident, two groups of demonstrators came together in London. One was waving Ukrainian flags; the other Iranian flags. When they met, they cheered each other, and chanted, "All together we will win."
10/05/2022 12:22 AM
Retired colonel shows how Ukraine can cut off Russian army
Retired Air Force Col. Cedric Leighton tells CNN's Don Lemon why Ukrainian military advances in the south and east are important in the fight against Russia.
10/05/2022 11:36 AM
Miss Crimea fined by Russian authorities for singing patriotic Ukrainian song
A beauty queen who was named Miss Crimea 2022 has been fined 40,000 Russian rubles (around $680) by occupying Russian authorities for singing the patriotic Ukrainian song "Chervona Kalyna," according to Russian state media and pro-Russian regional authorities.
10/05/2022 09:17 AM
Scenes previously believed to be unthinkable play out in Iran amid nationwide protest

10/05/2022 11:48 AM
OPEC announces the biggest cut to oil production since the start of the pandemic
• White House says Biden's Saudi trip wasn't a waste as he lambastes OPEC+'s 'shortsighted' decision to cut oil output • Inside the White House's failed effort to dissuade OPEC from cutting oil production to avoid a 'total disaster' • Analysis: Liz Truss gave a lackluster speech to a party that's given up the will to live
10/06/2022 01:26 PM

10/05/2022 12:25 AM
Hear secret recording of Oath Keeper who was at January 6 riot played during trial
Federal prosecutors played audio recording in court of Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs in a planning meeting discussing which weapons they could legally bring to Washington, D.C. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.
10/05/2022 11:33 AM
Sanibel residents are surveying damage today, but the island is still 'extremely unsafe'
Residents of hard-hit Sanibel Island, Florida, are warned they could be shocked when they return to their community for the first time Wednesday, while President Joe Biden is expected to visit the area devastated by Hurricane Ian one week ago.
10/06/2022 01:26 PM
More than 300,000 customers remain without power in Florida

10/05/2022 10:59 AM
The FBI released its crime report for 2021 - but it tells us less about the overall state of crime in the US than ever
The FBI just released its 2021 Crime in the Nation Report, which is typically the most comprehensive snapshot of crime in the United States. But only 63% of the nation's more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies submitted data for 2021 — the lowest level of participation the FBI has reported since at least 1979. Only 52% of all agencies submitted a full year's worth of data, the FBI said.
10/05/2022 09:49 AM
Alec Baldwin reaches settlement with Halyna Hutchins' family
• Hilaria and Alec Baldwin welcome their seventh child
10/05/2022 08:29 AM
What Trump told Haberman about potential rival for 2024 GOP nomination
New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman discusses what former President Donald Trump told her about the political rise of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the possibility of DeSantis running against him for the 2024 GOP nomination.
10/05/2022 10:29 AM
Fan who caught Aaron Judge historic home run not sure what he will do with it
Cory Youmans, the fan who caught New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge's 62nd home run on Tuesday, doesn't know whether he'll keep the historic souvenir or give the ball back to Judge.
10/05/2022 09:36 AM
Opinion: This fired chemistry professor's example shows what's wrong with academia
The dismissal of a renowned chemistry professor from NYU after a spate of student complaints about his teaching has reinvigorated a series of long-standing questions about the modern academy: Are academic standards dropping? Are professors and administrators too beholden to students' fragile emotions -- and their parents' tuition dollars? And what's wrong with kids these days, anyway?
10/05/2022 01:53 AM
Teenage grandmaster 'likely cheated' in dozens of matches, top chess website claims
Teenage chess grandmaster Hans Niemann "likely cheated" in more than 100 online matches, including ones with prize money involved, according to an investigation by one of the sport's most popular websites.
10/05/2022 09:43 AM
Angelina Jolie shares more details about alleged 2016 incident with Brad Pitt on private plane
A countersuit filed Tuesday by actress Angelina Jolie against her ex-husband Brad Pitt includes more information about an alleged physical altercation between the former couple that took place on a plane in 2016.
10/05/2022 09:01 AM
Mom whose son was murdered reveals confrontation with conspiracy theorist
Francine Wheeler, whose six-year-old son Benjamin Wheeler died in the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, testifies in the Alex Jones trial. CNN's Jean Casarez has more.
10/04/2022 10:26 PM
Rachel Maddow's successor fails to draw the big audience she commanded in prime time
On Monday night, inside the upscale Parisian restaurant L'Avenue at Saks in midtown Manhattan, MSNBC President Rashida Jones hosted an intimate dinner to celebrate Alex Wagner.
10/05/2022 08:57 AM
The rise of sleep tourism
Going on a vacation might seem like a rather unconventional way to try to improve your sleep habits.
10/05/2022 07:45 AM
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have hired divorce attorneys, source says
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, who have been living separately from each other in recent weeks, have each hired divorce attorneys and are "exploring their options" regarding their marriage, a source close to the estranged couple told CNN on Tuesday.
10/05/2022 07:40 AM
Attorney gives advice to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, who have been living separately from each other in recent weeks, have each hired a divorce attorney a source close to the estranged couple told CNN on Tuesday. Attorney Deborah Blum shares some tips for the power couple on how to navigate their possible divorce with their children.
10/05/2022 11:47 AM
Latino representation in media industry grew by only 1% in the past decade, a new report finds
Latinos remain grossly underrepresented in the media industry and are significantly more likely to perform service roles, according to the Government Accountability Office's (GOA) newest report on Latino representation in film, television, and other publishing entities.
10/03/2022 05:12 PM
Hundreds of companies are trying the four-day work week. Here's how it's going
The pandemic has turbocharged the search for new ways of working. These companies are taking the lead in testing out a 4-day work week and their experience might surprise you.
10/05/2022 10:58 AM
REI dumps Black Friday — permanently
REI has quit Black Friday, forever.
10/05/2022 09:29 AM
Election denier Kari Lake has a real shot of winning a swing state governorship
One of the big questions heading into the 2022 cycle had been how Republican candidates would or not reflect the GOP base when it came to views of the 2020 election. Poll after poll has shown that a clear majority of Republicans falsely believe that President Joe Biden did not legitimately win the 2020 election.
10/05/2022 12:01 PM
Analysis: What's next for Herschel Walker?
In the space of the last 48 hours, the Georgia Senate race was buffeted by two massive stories.
10/05/2022 05:00 AM
Liberal SCOTUS justices attempt to dismantle the narrative of a colorblind US from conservatives who dominate the bench
The Supreme Court's three liberal justices -- Latina, White and Black women -- sought during voting-rights arguments Tuesday to wrench the narrative of a colorblind America from the conservatives who currently dominate the bench.
10/05/2022 09:52 AM
Analysis: Musk could bring Trump to Twitter
Elon Musk's decision this week to once again move forward with his deal to acquire Twitter could see the return to the platform of former President Donald Trump, once the world's most influential tweeter.
10/05/2022 10:42 AM
Biden admin working to crack down on scams ahead of student loan forgiveness process
The Biden administration is taking new steps to help protect borrowers from scams in the days before Americans can begin to apply for student loan forgiveness.
10/05/2022 07:05 AM
Analysis: Trump's latest delay tactic over Mar-a-Lago documents may not work for him at SCOTUS

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Podcast: How early loss shaped Anderson Cooper and Molly Shannon's lives

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
SpaceX and NASA send international astronauts to space

10/05/2022 12:01 PM
SpaceX, NASA launch 3 astronauts and 1 cosmonaut to the ISS. Here's everything you need to know
SpaceX and NASA launched a crew of astronauts who hail from all over the world on a trip to the International Space Station Wednesday.
10/04/2022 02:58 PM
NASA and SpaceX sends first Native American woman to orbit
The first Native American woman ever to travel to Earth's orbit will take flight this week on a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. The astronaut, NASA's Nicole Aunapu Mann, will serve as mission commander.
10/05/2022 11:44 AM
Soccer lexicon: 'Squeaky bum time' and 'park the bus' added to Oxford English Dictionary
Soccer's lexicon is a rich reservoir of often curiously contorted cliche and phrasing, frequently the subject of parody.
10/05/2022 10:49 AM
Velma in new 'Scooby Doo' clip delights fans who say her LGBTQ+ identity has been confirmed
It appears Velma wants a same-sex boo in the an upcoming HBO Max Scooby Doo Halloween movie.
10/05/2022 08:19 AM
Maintaining a lawn is way too much work. Try this instead
The great American lawn is not so American and not so great. These green oases are a pain to maintain and guzzle water. Californians are raking in tens of thousands of dollars in rebates to rethink the lawn and their ingenuity holds lessons for all of us.
10/05/2022 10:59 AM
The 'world's best bar' isn't in London or New York for the first time
Move over London. Step aside New York. There's a new cosmopolitan cocktail capital: Barcelona is home to Paradiso, the newly crowned world's best bar.
10/04/2022 05:05 AM
The world's biggest pilot of the four-day work week is halfway done. The results are surprising
It wasn't hard for Samantha Losey, managing director of Unity, a public relations firm in London, to convince her team to work fewer hours for the same paycheck.
10/05/2022 06:13 AM
Opinion: Americans are exhausted from dealing with inflation. 6 experts offer ideas for helping them cope
Reader Linda Stewart spoke for many Americans when she wrote that after her recent retirement, "money was getting uncomfortably tight. Soon I was in the red each month, just trying to keep up." She stopped driving as much, turned her furnace down in the winter and cooked more meals at home.
10/04/2022 07:54 AM
'F--- off,' ambassador tells Elon Musk after unveiling Ukraine 'peace' plan
Elon Musk drew backlash on Monday from Ukrainian officials, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, for his unsolicited advice on how to bring about "peace" amid Russia's ongoing invasion of the country.
10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Parachute just launched a timeless living room collection, and it's as good as we had hoped

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Everything at Casper is 25% off right now

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Get ahead with the 12 best deals from the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Away luggage just got a stylish makeover courtesy of these 3 fashion designers

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Hotel pillows are comfortable — here are 13 you can get for your own home

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
37 Spirit Halloween costumes and decorations we can't get enough of this year

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Easily keep track of your suitcase with these 26 versatile luggage tags

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
These are the best credit cards to use for the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
20 Amazon products our readers couldn't stop buying in September

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
The all33 Axion office chair saved me from bad WFH posture

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
We tested 14 top-rated rain jackets: Only 1 stood out

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Enter to win a $500 Amazon e-gift card in the October Underscored Faves Sweepstakes

10/04/2022 12:58 PM
I retired during the pandemic. Now inflation has me counting pennies

10/04/2022 06:15 PM
It's time to close Guantanamo
According to Google Search, one of the most frequently asked questions about Guantanamo is: "When did the Guantanamo prison close?"
10/05/2022 05:27 AM
The security risk Congress needs to take seriously
Football watch parties saw unexpected interruptions recently when low flying drones over the gridiron forced NFL and college football games to stop. In both instances, the drones flew away without incident and there was no risk to fans attending, but each demonstrates the potential public safety threat unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or "drones" pose to the public, and the need for tools to address it.
10/03/2022 03:30 PM
Stomping alone won't wipe out the spotted lanternfly
If you live in the eastern United States and have been besieged by infestations of spotted lanternflies, your misery is almost over: With the weather getting cooler, adult lanternflies will gradually die off and disappear entirely before winter. But relief is likely to be temporary, as a new brood of the highly invasive insects is set to emerge in the spring.
10/03/2022 01:52 PM
House GOP's 'Protect Trump' caucus has 1 mission
If the GOP wins control of the House of Representatives this November, it will become the "protect Donald Trump from prosecution" caucus. That's the message we've been hearing with increasing frequency from Trump-loving Republicans since August 8, when FBI agents searched the former President's Mar-a-Lago residence.
10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Imagine being unable to recognize your loved ones. For those with face blindness, that's a reality

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Haunted cocktails to serve at your Halloween party

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Witch fingers and 9 other vegan Halloween recipes everyone will love

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Why you should think twice before using a greens powder, according to a nutritionist

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Delicious recipes that are perfect for any Diwali celebration

10/06/2022 01:26 PM
Why I chose to have a Chinese tea ceremony at my wedding

10/04/2022 10:39 PM
US and South Korea test-fire missiles in continued response after North Korea launch
• North Korea fired a missile over Japan. Experts say it's a sign of what's to come
10/05/2022 07:56 AM
West Africa bloc mediator 'satisfied' after meeting Burkina Faso new military leader
The mediator sent to Burkina Faso by West Africa's main political and economic bloc ECOWAS, Mahamadou Issoufou, on Tuesday said he was satisfied by a meeting with the country's new military leader Ibrahim Traore.